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Rings are all adjustable stainless steel unless otherwise specified.

Adorn your thumbs with something unique and special. Wearing crystals on your thumbs is a stylish expression of yourself and lets your deepest wishes and desires shine through. Show the world a part of you that makes you.


Explore your roots and unlock your creative potential with a thumb ring representing your Sacral and Root Chakras, it helps you reconnect with the world and express yourself through the physical realm.

Discover your life's path with the power of index finger rings. Let your intuition guide you as they point you towards the direction that your soul longs for. Connect with your subconscious and the Crown and Third Eye Chakras with rings on index finger.

Tap into your power with crystal healing rings for the middle finger. These rings are all about presenting yourself to the world and unlocking the potential of the Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras to help express your deepest feelings. Let crystal healing assist in allowing your true self to shine from the inside out.

 Wear this stylish gemstone rings on the ring finger to keep your Heart chakra healthy and strengthen your commitments to love, friendship and loyalty. Represent undying bonds with a beautiful fashion accessory that has a deeper meaning.

 The pinky finger ring has the perfect blend of delicate beauty and healing power. Keep it close and enjoy the way it complements the other rings you have. A fun-loving additional to your hands.

 Reach your healing goals with a special gemstone ring! Worn on the dominant hand, it radiates your intentions outwards, while the non-dominant hand receives energy from the environment. Experience the power of crystal healing today!



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