Collection: Tumbles and Chips

Make your wish a reality with these tumbled stones – small, convenient, and pocket-sized, so you can carry your crystal energy with you everywhere. Place them in your pocket, bra, car, or under your pillow – bringing the benefits of crystal energy to your everyday life. Affordability and accessibility make tumbled stones the perfect choice for exploring the world of crystals.

Tumbling is the perfect way to polish and sand your healing crystals. Our rock tumblers can help you to transform the stones into small, rounded, unique shapes. Best of all, you can use your tumbled crystals for a variety of rituals, including Reiki, feng shui, charging and cleansing. Please note: only crystals with a Mohs higher than 7 can be tumbled. Some crystals may lose color, inclusion, texture, and natural terminations while being tumbled.

Discover the benefits of chipped crystal chips! Ideal for altars, grids, feng shui bowls, or Reiki, these small, flat, and versatile crystals open up limitless possibilities. Use them to bring nature's energy into your space!

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