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Unlock your spiritual vitality and restore balance with crystal harmonizers. Crafted in the ancient Egyptian style, these polished cylinders are perfect for holding during meditation. Balance your yin and yang energy by placing one in each hand and experience the restorative power of crystal harmonizers.

Cubes help to ground your energy and create an energizing connection to the Earth. Place cubes in each corner of a room to seal, protect, and ground its energy. Meditating with cubic crystals will help you stay rooted and reconnect you with the powerful energy of the Earth. 

Cubic crystals provide a powerful and balancing energy that helps to connect the physical body with the spiritual world. These crystals have been used for centuries to help open and strengthen the Root Chakra while encouraging courage, stability, and discipline. Our collection includes Pyrite, Diamond, Halite, Spinel, Garnet, and Fluorite. Feel grounded with these beautiful natural crystals.

 Elevate your energy with this stunning pyramid of pure light. Ideal for manifestation and amplifying vibrations, these crystal pyramids feature an ancient shape revered by civilizations for its power. Harness its radiant energy and tap into the power of the sun.  

Pyramidal crystals amplify energies and manifest intentions, making them a powerful tool for achieving goals. Their flat base and pointed tip represent the solar plexus chakra and the fire element, while quartz, fluorite, and pyrite form naturally into this shape. Unlock the power of pyramidal crystals and find new paths to success!

Dipyramidal crystals are a beautiful combination of two pyramids joined together. Their polished octahedral shape is perfect for bringing balance, stability and air energy to any space. These crystals are also ideal for the Throat Chakra.

 Beautifully crafted with Spinel, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, and Garnet, this Dodecahedron symbolizes the Ether element. Wear it to open your Third Eye Chakra and sharpen your intuition, universal connection, and strength.

 Our Merkaba stars are perfect for those seeking the benefits of astral travel, empathy, love, divination, self-care, and emotional healing. These crystals come in a variety of shapes, such as Herkimer Diamonds, Danburite, and Blue Kyanite, and are shaped into star tetrahedrons. Let the power of the Merkaba star shape work wonders for you.

Explore the depths of karmic therapy, dream work, and spiritual guidance with stair-step crystals. Featuring a naturally occurring geometric structure and found in a variety of crystals, such as Wulfenite, Bismuth, and Malachite, these crystals are a powerful tool for spiritual and psychic development.

 Unlock your hidden psychic abilities with helical or spiral shaped crystals. Their unique shape amplifies healing energies, enhancing their powerful healing capabilities. Ammonite and Tourmaline are especially known for their spiral formations, perfect for inner growth.

Experience healing energy amplified with our Obelisk Crystal Shapes. With four sides, an elongated shape and a pointed end, this crystal shape helps to focus healing energy into your chakras. Feel the difference with this ancient symbol of spiritual and architectural significance.


Our moon crescent crystals are a perfect way to harness the power of the moon. These Crystals are cut and polished into the shape of the crescent moon and work best when cleansed and charged with a full moon ritual. They will help you find your transformation, success, wisdom, intuition, growth, and inner peace.

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