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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Amazonite with Mica and Smokey Quartz Freeform

Amazonite with Mica and Smokey Quartz Freeform

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This beautiful freeform combines amazonite and smoky quartz to help alleviate anxiety and depression. It works to detoxify negative energies, encouraging courage and confidence while reducing stress and fear. The perfect combination for those looking for balance in a tech-dominated world.

Strengthen your communication and protect yourself from negative energy with this Amazonite with Mica and Smokey Quartz freeform. The pair allows for better expression and clarity in communication and helps you develop better communication habits. Plus, it can be used to protect from electromagnetic pollution and neutralize negative energy in your environment. Last but not least, it will also keep you grounded and emotionally stable.

Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls, foliage not included.

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