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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Black Moonstone Flame

Black Moonstone Flame

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This exquisite Black Moonstone flame from Madagascar is ideal for enhancing mental clarity, improving intuition and relieving tension. It can be used as a protective and grounding stone, perfect for performing New Moon Rituals. Adorned with a gorgeous shimmering finish, it's certain to be a treasured part of your collection.

Welcome Black Moonstone Flame to your gemstone collection! With its wide range of healing properties, this crystal can help you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and metaphysically. Additionally, it symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and empowerment, perfect for anyone who is looking to start anew. Crown Chakra connected, it's also ideal for those seeking a deeper sense of spirituality, intuition, and love. Let Black Moonstone be your companion as you embark on your own journey of healing and fulfillment.

Note: Stand sold separately.
Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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