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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Caribbean Calcite Fairy Carving

Caribbean Calcite Fairy Carving

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This Caribbean Calcite fairy carving is made with a rare stone discovered in 2019. Treat yourself to this special crystal and its healing properties before it's all gone! Be one of the few to own this unique, stunning piece and enjoy its healing energy.

This beautiful Caribbean Calcite Fairy Carving is full of calming blue and white swirls reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, perfect for adding a peaceful touch to your home. Made with a captivating combination of Blue Calcite, white aragonite, and light brown aragonite, its beauty is sure to bring your decor to life.

This Caribbean Calcite Fairy Carving is the perfect way to bring calmness, peace and tranquility to your home - and to your mind. Its spiritual vibrations can help you to attune to yourself and to those around you, aiding inner understanding and progress.

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