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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Clear Quartz Chakra Bracelet

Clear Quartz Chakra Bracelet

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Welcome balance into your life with this Clear Quartz Chakra Bracelet. Believed to have the power to transform negative energy into positive, it's perfect for breaking down barriers and seeking guidance. Its protective properties also help defend against negative energy, both external and self-inflicted. Get ready to feel balanced and energized!

This clear quartz chakra bracelet will help restore balance to your energy centers. It's designed to help clear energy blockages and promote positive energy flow, for improved spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Wear it to feel centered and energized.

This Clear Quartz Chakra Bracelet is made with seven colorful beads to represent the seven chakras, each with its own healing properties that can help bring grounding, stability, creativity, and self-confidence. Red Jasper, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Sunstone, and Tiger Eye are all associated with the chakra colors and meanings.

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