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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Kambaba Jasper Balancing Corner Cube

Kambaba Jasper Balancing Corner Cube

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Relax and restore with Kambaba-Jasper! This unique stone will help you align your body and spirit with nature's calming and nourishing energy. Its dark circles and swirls symbolize protection, balance and tranquility, allowing you to find peace and balance in your life.

Kambaba Jasper Balancing Corner Cube is a powerful stone that can increase your money flow and enhance your prosperity and career. It can also protect you from unwanted change or negative influences. Additionally, Kambaba Jasper helps strengthen relationships and can provide comfort and strength during times of emotional distress. Carry this remarkable stone for a balanced, fulfilled life.

Display stands, wood, bowls, foliage not included.

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