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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Emerald Kyanite Sphere

Emerald Kyanite Sphere

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Own an enchanting piece of the ocean with our Emerald Kyanite Sphere! Said to contain powerful healing energies, this stone is brimming with water-like vibrations to promote vitality. Not only is it great for spiritual healing, its regal blue hue and shiny facets will captivate any viewer. Give your home and soul a refreshing dose of relaxation with this one-of-a-kind gem!

This Emerald Kyanite Sphere is a powerful metaphysical aid that brings balance, clarity, and healing to your spiritual journey. Its vibrations realign the Heart chakra, strengthen your character, and disperse negative energy. Its high energy encourages you to live life to its fullest potential and find peace in every situation.

Note: Stand sold separately.
Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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