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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Feather Rainbow Fluorite Freeform

Feather Rainbow Fluorite Freeform

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This Feather Rainbow Fluorite Freeform is a unique and magical stone that features a dazzling swirl of colors including white, purple, green, blue, and more. Its semi-transparent finish creates a milky appearance and beautifully reflects light. Rainbow Fluorite is loved by collectors and crystal healers alike for its healing properties and mystical meaning. An ideal stone for meditation and healing spaces.

This Feather Rainbow Fluorite Freeform is a vibrant blend of colors that unleashes a diverse energy field with a variety of benefits. Its core meaning is associated with finding mental clarity, helping you to feel more focused and relaxed. Enjoy its complexity and its amazing healing properties.

Display stands, wood, bowls, foliage not included.

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