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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Garnet Heart

Garnet Heart

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Unleash the transformative power of fire inside you with the Garnet Heart. Supercharged with elementals, these crystals can help convert energies and remove stagnant vibrations, empowering you to become the person you want to be.

This Garnet Heart harnesses the energies of Venus, Cupid, and Aphrodite to help you increase your sexual prowess and confidence. It increases circulation which can lead to heightened sensitivity and desire during intimate moments. It also works to unlock the power of the Sacral Chakra for increased creativity and self-expression.

This unique Garnet Heart crystal is a powerful reminder of strength and masculine energy. Let the stone empower you to take risks and courageous action.

Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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