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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Green Opal Heart

Green Opal Heart

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This beautiful Green Opal Heart is the perfect gift for a special someone. Found in many countries, this precious stone helps heal negative emotions, while strengthening connections with those close to you. An ideal addition to any jewelry collection.

The Green Opal Heart is an ideal stone for soul seekers. This heart-shaped green opal is known for its calming, grounding energies and is said to be a source of luck and abundance. Let its powerful yet gentle vibrations bring balance, clarity, and abundance to your life.

Capture love, luck, and balance with this beautiful Green Opal Heart. This stone helps ease emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress, while providing balance after trauma or heartbreak. Its deep green hue radiates a calming energy that can bring peace and healing to your heart.

Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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