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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Pink Calcite Sphere

Pink Calcite Sphere

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Beautiful and empowering, this Pink Calcite Sphere will open your heart and crown chakra, calming and soothing you with its loving energy while inspiring peace and wellbeing. It is perfect for stimulating self-confidence and self-love and can also be used to cleanse and amplify energy in your space.

Unlock your inner emotions with this soothing Pink Calcite Sphere. This gemstone helps cleanse your spirit and energize stagnant energy, perfect for those looking to overcome hidden feelings. Let go of the pain and open up to new possibilities with the powerful energy of Pink Calcite.

Find peace and grounding with this Pink Calcite Sphere. Gods and goddesses believe it has a mild cleansing vibration to help aid in emotional and sexual healing. It will assist you in letting go of a mental stalemate and offer a sense of completeness and coherence. Let this beautiful crystal's positive vibrations provide you with redemption and optimism.

Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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