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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Polychrome Heart

Polychrome Heart

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Be inspired by the power of Polychrome Jasper! Its vibrant energy and colors bring beauty and manifest your dreams into reality. Enjoy the blessings of abundance and prosperity with this powerful stone of manifestation.

Polychrome Heart is perfect for anyone on their spiritual journey. It radiates gentle, nurturing vibrations to encourage healing and growth. This protective stone reminds us of our true origins and helps us move forward with direction and purpose.

This beautiful Polychrome Heart is the perfect addition to any collection. Its unique swirled pattern of bright and earthy tones make it a truly stunning piece. Each strand of fiber creates a distinct striped or swirled pattern, creating a one of a kind look. Polychrome Jasper is found in many locations worldwide and is sure to add color and life to any space.

Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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