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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Purple Fluorite Heart

Purple Fluorite Heart

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Discover the beauty, legend and protection of Purple Fluorite Hearts. Found in places like Brazil, Norway, the United States, China and Australia, this exquisite stone has been cherished across cultures for centuries. With its protective properties, it can be carved into scarabs, statues and totems which make it a timeless and meaningful gift.

Unlock the power of the Purple Fluorite Heart and tap into greater self-discovery and confidence. This crystal of protection helps ward off evil spirits and supports mental acuity and deeper thinking. It opens you to creativity and being open to suggestions, making it ideal for group situations. Unlock its healing properties today.

Bring clarity and confidence into your life with this Purple Fluorite Heart. It can help you tackle past fears and emotions that can be hard to let go of. Its unique energy will bring forth a newfound courage and clear thinking, setting you on the path to success.


Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls not included.

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