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Otto Creek Rock and Gem

Purple Mica/Aquamarine Sphere

Purple Mica/Aquamarine Sphere

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Feel rejuvenated with our Purple Mica/Aquamarine Sphere. This beautiful stone is perfect for your meditation needs: helping to increase memory and attention, slow aging, and reduce back pain. Aquamarine brings its life energy to your meditation, strengthening your body for focus and unwavering concentration. Find your flow with the Purple Mica/Aquamarine Sphere.

This Purple Mica/Aquamarine Sphere is perfect for providing clarity to your vision and self-reflection - all while keeping love in your heart and helping you grow and release painful emotions. With its beautiful, reflective pearly luster, it's an excellent tool for analyzing situations in detail, while still allowing you to stay flexible.

Note: Stand sold separately.

Display stands, wood, bowls, foliage not included.

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